successYes, we are continuing on our exploration of 14 things great salespeople do that average salespeople only think about.

3. Great salespeople know their job is to help those around them succeed.

An average salesperson only cares about their own success. However, to a great salesperson, winning only matters if others win as well.

Great salespeople are great because of how they help others.

They view customers with respect and take every opportunity they can to help them succeed.   Same goes for how great salespeople help others they work with, whether it be their sales team colleagues or other people in their company.

Peyton Manning, NFL quarterback for the Denver Broncos, understands this.  He knows he is successful. He knows he is one of the best to play the game, but he also knows the role everyone else plays on his team.   Peyton Manning is one of the first people to help out another player, and he does it in both good times and bad.

Great salespeople follow a similar approach. They are their to help guide, train and equip others.  They know there are times when they may have to look past their own list of things that need to get done for the sake of helping someone else.

Great salespeople understand this, because they know how quickly things can change, and at any point, they may be the one looking for assistance.

There is something very interesting about reaching out to help others win.

First, it changes your own mental state.  By taking the time to help others, you suddenly become more fixated on your own performance and finding even more ways to help others.

Second, it alters your thinking.  When you help one person, you are far more likely to help another person, and as the shampoo bottle says, “Repeat.”   Suddenly, the great salesperson is not only helping their own organization, but also the customer’s organization.

Helping more customers helps build better business.

Great salespeople see themselves as part of a team. They don’t view themselves as an island of greatness.

Are you on an island?  If so, who will you help today with the sole purpose of making the move to get off your island?

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