Who are you spending your time with? More importantly, are those you’re spending time with helping you become a better person?

Every week as my schedule allows, I spend 30 minutes to an hour talking with Gerhard Gschwandtner.  If you’ve been in sales for any period of time, you’ll know him as the founder and editor of Selling Power Magazine, Sales 3.0 Conferences, and a host of other sales-focused entities.

Gerhard is incredibly smart. We enjoy the opportunity to discuss business, sales, and a wide number of other topics. Each time I talk with him, I come away having been challenged. The time together allows us to sharpen each other’s thinking with some new ideas.

We all run the risk of getting so caught up doing what we’re tasked with doing that we don’t take the time to explore our own thinking and to move beyond our current state. Yet when we do make the time, we become better problem solvers, we begin to see new opportunities and we increase own value.

Who are the people you need to be connecting with? It might be a peer or it might be a coach you need to hire, but the key thing is you need to take action. Waiting for things to occur is simply not an option. Waiting means we are telling ourselves we’ll spend our time reacting to what goes on around us.

Do you want to be one who reacts or one who acts?

My conversations with Gerhard are now available via Facebook Live and YouTube. We both felt what we discussed each week was too good to not be shared.   Here is a link. If you want to join in live, connect with me on Facebook.   Our calls are every Wednesday at 2 PM EDT, as our schedules allow.

If you’re serious about having a coach, email or call me at 402-445-2110. I do some one-on-one coaching if it is a good fit.

I’ve also recently begun a new group-coaching program for others. Let’s connect and we’ll determine what the right fit would be.

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