emailNothing will kill any chance of developing a lead with a prospect than sending them an email with a subject line that is stupid.

It’s time for me to rant because I just received a prospecting email in my junk folder with the subject line:

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner

Wow, now that’s a captivating line.

Give me a break.

How can anyone be so stupid as to think it’s going to attract attention?

If you got an email from somebody you didn’t’ know with a subject line like that, would you be open it? Ready for the kicker — it came from a sales training company!

No, I won’t give the name of the company, but I’ll bet you any amount of money it won’t be in business a year from now.

Yes, I opened it only because I had to understand how a sales training company I had never heard of could think they were going to be successful with an email with that subject line.

Subject lines have to grab the person’s attention. Get it?  Grab their attention.

People make the decision as to whether to open an email based on the subject line and maybe the first 10 words that pop up in the description.

Don’t think for a moment people are going to read your email if those first two key parts — the subject line and first 10 words — don’t grab them.

There is no need to even worry about the body of the email if the subject line is pathetic.

Write the subject line to engage the interest of the recipient. Don’t write what you would think is interesting.   Your prospect really doesn’t care about you, so quit kidding yourself.

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