Recently, I was asked by a very competent salesperson if I felt having a Facebook account could hurt a person’s sales motivation.  Like so many other things with social media, there are two answers: Yes and No.

First the Yes.  It can hurt your sales motivation if you either spend too much time on Facebook when you should be focused on selling and or if you wind up with Facebook friends who do nothing but complain about things.

Now the No.  Facebook won’t hurt your sales motivation if you use it to connect with other people who share with you comments and other ideas to help you stay motivated.  Secondly, Facebook can help you stay motivated if you use your wall as a way of sharing with others the positive things going on in your sales world.  Be wise, of course.  Don’t share any items that could be misconstrued by someone.

My recommendation in how to use Facebook to help you stay motivated is to do the following:

  • Share from time to time your successes (but do not gloat).
  • Connect with others who can be positive influences. Comment occasionally on what they have to say.
  • Share from time to time your big goals.
  • Emphasize positive resources that have impacted you.
  • “Unfriend” yourself from anyone who is not a positive influence.

Facebook doesn’t have to kill your sales motivation.  But it’s up to you to make sure that doesn’t happen!

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