Consultative selling is a concept that is certainly not new in the United States and many developed countries. However, in China, consultative selling is rarely practiced. During my recent visit to China, it quickly became obvious to me that China will always be a low-price focused manufacturer until they embrace the concept of consultative selling.

If you’re not going to take the time to truly understand what the customer desires and needs, then you’re forced to rely on price as your primary sales tool. This is a key reason why consultative selling is so important to any business strategy. If you’re not listening to the customer and truly working with them to find out their needs, you will never be in a position to strategically act upon where the market is going. If, on the other hand, you apply consultative selling to every phase of your sales process, you won’t have to rely on low price maneuvers. Ultimately, you will have a better understanding of your customers and how your services and products benefit them.

The closer attention you give the consultative selling process, the better you can discern where you should allocate future resources to maximize opportunities.

Isn’t that why you are in the sales industry… to maximize opportunities? I hope your answer is a definitive “YES!”

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