A reader recently inquired: “I would like some help in becoming a better closer. I’m the kind of salesperson that is your friend first and then I can sell you everything. How do I get past that? I’m not a pushy sales person….I’m better known for the soft sell.”

The Sales Hunter’s response: There is nothing wrong with being known for a soft sell if the industry you’re in is best sold with that style. Now, let’s cut to the chase regarding closing. I firmly believe a person’s closing skills are very closely tied to the commitment and belief they have in what they’re selling. When a person is totally pumped and excited about what they offer, they don’t hesitate to close a sale because they want others to enjoy the same thing. Also, another key reason people have a hard time closing is that they don’t plan on closing the sale. From the start of the sales call, it’s essential for the salesperson to know when and (more importantly) how they will close the deal. If you don’t plan it from the beginning, it won’t happen.

The most effective way to close a sale is to simply ask the customer for the order using the “Assumptive Close.” Ask, “Would it work best for you to have it delivered on the 16th or the 21st?” It’s important that you display confidence when speaking by using a strong voice and good eye contact. Then, be silent and wait for the customer to respond.

My final suggestion for becoming a better closer is to simply believe in yourself. As you approach each sale, expect not only to close, but also to be successful. Remember the following quotes that I came up with:

  • “The greatest privilege we have is providing our customers with the privilege to succeed.”
  • “The greatest sale you’ll ever make is selling the right, privilege, honor, and respect to meet with the person again.”

I’d also invite you to check out a number of articles I’ve written on the subject on my website in the “Articles” section.

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