To be motivated in Sales for the long term, not only do you need to maintain your own motivation, but you also need to ensure that your customers are motivated, particularly to work with you.  These days, every piece of news seems to be about the economy.  If you are paying attention to it, you can very quickly find yourself thinking only of the downside.  Because many of your customers read and hear the same things you do, don’t compound the situation by talking about what people already know.  Nobody likes hanging around with negative people, so don’t allow yourself to become an “agent of negative news.”  Sell yourself, sell the positives, and, most of all, sell success.  Things are only as bad as people want to make them out to be.  I’m using the economy as my source of motivation by positioning myself as different than others.  On your next sales call (and on every sales call from now on), make sure to convey at least one positive piece of news with your customers.  They may not openly thank you for it, but they will acknowledge it in their mind after you leave.  More importantly, when you start sharing positive news, your entire mindset will begin to change.  I don’t care what the economists and experts are saying about the economy.  I’m choosing not to believe it and I’m not allowing my customers to believe it either.

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