The title of Brett Clay’s new book “Selling Change: 101 Secrets for Growing Sales by Leading Change” may initially seem perplexing. But start digging in and you will soon see it’s about helping you change the way you sell (and ultimately will boost your sales motivation). What I like about it is Brett goes through a continuous stream of quotes from famous people and combines these with insightful questions to spur your own thinking.

It’s this style of writing that makes this book very appropriate for the seasoned salesperson or the sales leader.   As I read the book, I found myself really appreciating it!  On page after page, I would often take the question or quote he presented and not only apply it to my own selling process, but also ask myself even more questions. It’s as if Brett’s book is the kindling for a fire of sales motivation. He offers critical essential elements that, when used properly, will help you go much deeper than you ever imagined.

After you read his book the first time, you’ll only have begun seeing the benefits of the book in your sales processes.  You need to then place the book on your desk or in your car, and you need to reference it on a regular basis. Merely open the book to any page, read the quote and commentary, and then reflect on how you can apply it to your business.

If you’re a sales manager who has weekly sales meetings, Brett’s book is an excellent source to provide you with a single sales idea you can talk about each week.   I believe that as good as “Selling Change” is in terms of content, the real benefit comes from your level of thinking (or I should say it comes from the change that occurs when you challenge yourself with what he shares).

I’ll close with an example of one of Brett’s quotes:  “Some people see problems and solutions.  I see changes and destinations.”  Think for a moment about the challenges you’re facing – are they problems or are they destinations?

You can find Brett on Facebook and on Twitter @SellingChange. Also check out his website at www.ChangeLeadershipGroup.com.

Blog posting (c) 2010 by Mark Hunter

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