You’ve got your goal for the day and you’re off and running, reaching out to prospects and trying to follow up the best you can.

But are you guilty of the biggest mistake one can make?  Are you following up by saying or writing things such as:

“Did you see my last email?”

“I’m just following up.”

“Have you read my last email?”

“I left you a message yesterday.”

If you’re using any of these or variations of them, it’s time to stop!

Check out my 61-second video where I discuss this issue:


Your prospects are busy, and don’t go saying, “I know that and that’s why I need to remind them.”  Reminding them is an insult. Nobody wants to be told that, let alone be told from someone they don’t know.

Prospecting, whether it be by the telephone, email, or any other method, is about bringing value and insight to allow the prospect to know you can help them. Each message you leave needs to be about something new. This is how you create real value.

When you bring new insights with each message, you’re not discarding what you’ve shared with them in previous messages. No, there will be time later on in the sales process when you’ll be able to come back and discuss those items again.

The prospecting process is about you being able to demonstrate to the prospect you can help them with concerns or opportunities they might or might not be aware of.

If all I do is take a single message and keep replaying it over and over with them by leaving any of the lame messages I shared above, I’ll never be seen as bringing value. What I’ll be seen as is a lame salesperson desperate to make their daily quota of sending messages to prospects.

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High Profit Prospecting
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