Hang around me long enough and you realize that I am adamant about continual learning.  The people who succeed most in sales (and in life really) are those who embrace lifelong learning.  Reading blogs has become one way to mine the depths of someone else’s experience and latch on to nuggets of gold that will benefit you in your own endeavors. It is a great way to boost your sales motivation!

The advantage of blogs is that they are usually pretty interactive, harnessing the collective wisdom of not only the author, but also of the readers who comment.  Remember… it’s not about always agreeing with the author or the readers; but rather it’s about sifting through the info to see what resonates with your own life and circumstances.

That being the case, here are 5 blogs I like that I think you may appreciate as well:

www.Salesopedia.com Clayton Shold offers up not only his own insights, but articles from other people as well.  Great info!

www.SalesGravy.com Jeb Blount recently wrote the book “People Buy You.”  His site is chock full of insights and perspectives from leading sales experts.

www.SalesAndManagementBlog.com Paul McCord draws upon his experience and interaction with others to offer offer helpful tips.

www.JeffBullas.com Okay, this isn’t a sales-specific blog, but it is worth the read.  Jeff writes fluently about social media and current events impacting the world of business.  Fascinating stuff.

http://www.tommartin.typepad.com/ Tom Martin also offers valuable insights on marketing, advertising and the use of technology. 

What are some of the resources you use to expand your knowledge?  If you have a favorite blog, leave a comment on this post.  Always keep learning…your sales (and your life) will be a sweet reflection of your opportunities, experiences and knowledge.

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