Are you really doing all you can to use Linkedin to its fullest?

You definitely need to join groups where your prospects are most likely to be. This includes industry oriented groups, geographical business groups, and academic groups.

One quick note: When you join a group, be sure to turn off notifications. The last thing you want is to have your email inundated with emails alerting you to every update.

Here are 10 more ideas on getting more out of Linkedin:

1. Respond to each person who comments on something you post.

If they took the time to leave a note, you owe it to them to respond back. Now don’t go thinking just because they responded they’re a prospect. No, it just means they have a comment about what you posted.

2. Comment on what others write, follow people who you use see as a leader and others you see of interest, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

This is one reason why it makes sense to scan your news feed each day.

3. Post information of interest to others, but never make it a sales pitch.

I always post my blog content, but I also will not hesitate to post another article I read on a news site to Linkedin. For me it’s about sharing with others what I feel is of interest. Doing so does a couple of things. It keeps me in the news feed for other people to see and it often creates new discussions.

4. Invite people to connect with you, but never use the standard lame invite Linkedin provides.

If I see a person I feel would make sense for me to connect with, I send them an invite and I always tailor it to make the message personal.

5. Accept invites from others even if you don’t know them.

I know this runs counter to what Linkedin advocates, but I accept the invitation if the person who sent it has a profile thats business worthy.  If I feel the person is just going to sell me something, then I won’t accept the invite.

6. Keep it business focused!

Linkedin is a business tool and I keep all of my comments, postings, etc. business focused. If I want to post something personal, then I use Facebook.

7. Send a personalized invite to connect to prospects and customers you’ve talked with on the telephone or in person.

I’m always looking for ways to extend the conversation, and being able to have a prospect see what I’m putting on Linkedin is a great way for them to become comfortable with me. When I’m able to see what they’re talking about on Linkedin, it allows me to understand their business perspective.

8. Follow Linkedin business pages for every client and prospect you have.

Use business pages as a great way to see who else you might already be connected to or others you may want to connect with.

9. Keep your profile as up to date as possible, including all previous employers, schools you attended, etc.

It’s amazing how many people I’ve connected with over the years because of a long lost relationship at a previous employer or school.

10 Use the search feature!

Too many people are afraid to look at another person’s profile for fear of being seen as stalking. No, it’s a great way to essentially say “hi” to someone.   I always check who has seen my profile and use it as a reason to send an invite to connect.

There’s the 10, but wait there’s more! A whole lot more in fact! Join me on Dec. 8 as I go much more in-depth on how to prospect with Linkedin with a guru in the business, Zeev Wexler.   Sign up for this free webinar today at this link.

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