mid-year-assessmentIt’s time for a mid-year assessment, and you should be asking yourself these questions:

1. What does my performance to date tell me about my ability to make my number for the year?

2. Can I build a plan breaking down by customer and product the amount of business I need to enable me to make this year’s quota?

3. How confident am I about my plan? Why?

4. Who are the big prospects / opportunities I need to focus in on over the next 60 days to get them to payout before the end of the year?

5. Who are the prospects or customers that are taking too much of my time? Will these customers generate enough sales to cover my time? What would the impact be if I were to dial these down significantly?

6. What comments did I hear from customers the past six months that I could leverage and turn into new opportunities?

7. What were some of the activities I did in the first six months that simply were not a good use of my time and how do I prevent myself from doing them again?

8. Who could I access more that would allow me to either gain critical insight or assist in opening new doors in the 2nd half of the year?

9. What parts of my selling process are working great and which ones are not? What are the changes I could make to the process that would enable me to close more deals?

10. What do I need to change about my mental outlook to ensure I’m motivated and I’m focusing my energy in the right direction?

If you’re way ahead of where you need to be, congratulations! If you’re not where you need to be, congratulations!

I’m very serious when I say “congratulations” to both scenarios, because in both cases it’s in the past.

Sales is not about what you did yesterday. It’s about what you’re going to do today. The fact you’re willing to assess where you are is the big thing. We will never improve until we take the time to measure.

Celebrate with me the 1st half of the year and then let’s all go out and make the 2nd half the best half we’ve ever had!

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