We are starting another year, and I’m sure you’ve made plans. I want to challenge you to continually calibrate yourself and look for ways to improve both personally and professionally.

As I look back on the year that just ended, I’m in shock. Some of my goals were made and others not even close.  Am I disappointed?  Yes and no. No, I’m not disappointed, because I made some self-corrections along the way and was able to seize on some new opportunities that are absolutely amazing.  Yes, in other ways, I am very disappointed, as I would have expected to nail the goals early in the year.  Overall, I’m feeling very blessed and confident because of the adjustments I made and how things turned out.

If you’re thinking my purpose for sharing this with you is to blow off setting goals and just rolling with the flow, I’ll scream loudly, “No!”   Goals are important, but what’s even more important is being able to continually assess the marketplace and take advantage of opportunities when they appear.

Below are 10 questions I use to help me assess where I’m at each week.  The list has been something I’ve been tweaking and modifying for years, but up to now I’ve never shared with anyone.  I feel it’s important for one reason — the first question.  My goal is to impact people to make a significant change, and that means I need to share this list with you, my reader.

You may find you like all 10 questions or you may find there are some you don’t buy into. I’m fine with it.  My goal is for both of us to have an amazing year, and to do that, we need to continually assess what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

1. What did I do this week that made a significant impact on someone else?

2. Did I move deals forward in my sales pipeline at the rate I need to?

3. Is my professional brand better off today than it was a week ago and did I do it by delighting my customers and others?

4. What did I learn this week and how will it help me in my business next week?

5. Did I use my time effectively focusing in on those things that will make an impact with my customers, my business and my network?

6. What progress did I make this week on both my short-term and long-term goals?

7. What did I do this week to grow myself personally and expand my thinking?

8. Did I take care of my physical body with exercise and diet?

9. What did I do this week to strengthen my marriage?

10. Did I live my faith this week?

To help you in this journey, I’m doing a free webinar on Friday, January 5! I’ll be sharing with you what it’s going to take to have success in sales in 2018.   I won’t be talking about this list of questions necessarily, but I am confident you will pick up quick strategies you can use immediately to jumpstart your sales.  Hey, we both have a common goal, and that’s to make 2018 a huge success.  I’ll see you this Friday!  Sign up today at this link.  You won’t regret it!


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