We only have 5 weeks left in the year! This means the door is closing on what you will be able to accomplish.  Are you pleased with where you are, or are you coming up short, like the majority of salespeople?   Your results are your responsibility.

If you want to hang your failures on other things or other people, you will never be more than a mediocre salesperson.   If being mediocre is your goal, go ahead and stop reading – go out and just be mediocre.

Next year can and will be your best year if you are willing to let go of the habits that are holding you back, embrace change, and get into action.   Four things you need to do immediately are:

  • Assess how you spend your day. Be harsh on yourself. Figure out what you do that’s nothing more than “stuff” and what you do that is truly revenue producing.
  • Measure the amount of time you spend each week “customer facing.” I am referring to real interaction with customers or prospects. You’ll be surprised how little time is actually spent customer facing. It’s probably not anywhere near where it should be if you’re a salesperson.
  • Who are you accountable to? Who is holding you responsible and is willing to sit down and have that hard talk you need to stay focused?  This person should not be your boss, because your boss is focused on what they need to achieve. He/she will never be the best person to guide you long term.
  • What is your process for measuring your performance each day and each week? Top performing salespeople are continually measuring their performance. And they don’t measure it against activities completed, they measure it against progress towards their goals.

December is a rough month for too many salespeople because they have to live with what they didn’t do in the previous 11 months.   I’m going to be totally blunt with what I share next, but hear me out: You must own your results. Nobody will own them for you.

This is why I’m doing a very special master class to set better goals for 2019 and actually achieve them.   It’s called a Master Class because the subject is that important and the people who signup are focused on upping their game.

You’re one of those people, right? I know you have the potential to go far beyond what you’ve done before.  Here’s the link.  I’m looking forward to helping you make next year absolutely awesome.

And don’t forget that a coach can help you excel in your sales career! Invest in yourself by checking out my coaching program today!

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