It’s time for another rant. Every day I get messages from salespeople who are struggling being salespeople.  The notes range from a couple sentences to novels that would rival War & Peace.

Let me blunt. If you’re behaving like a loser, then you will be a loser.  You’re never going to be successful until you are willing to put on your big boy pants or your big girl pants and go make it happen.

Your issue starts with trying to justify why things aren’t going right by blaming everything from sun spots to a lack of iron in your diet. When you send me a note and claim you can’t prospect because nobody answers their telephone and how you don’t even respond to phone calls, I have to make an observation about why I believe you sent me the note.

You sent me the note because you personally don’t like talking on the phone, and you want somebody to validate for you that the phone is outdated.

Check out what this person wrote in a note to me:

I read your article and am perplexed. You say that cold calling works. I am trying to understand how since statistics and my own experience shows that maybe 2-5% of people will answer an unknown number. I haven’t in 3 years, leave a vm and if I know you I’ll call you back. If it’s general business you’re getting an email or text. 

I don’t know anyone under 40 who answers their phone. I would turn off the voice part if not for family.

I don’t even buy cars using voice or in person, all on email and text. If they call me I take em off the list after one warning. Negotiate on email then tell them to have it ready when I come to pick it up.

I am looking for stats that support your position. If you have any I would be greatly appreciative.

This person — or I should be more blunt and say “idiot” — is asking me for information to validate his belief about the telephone.  This person says in the note how nobody answers the phone and how he himself won’t even talk to anyone when buying a car. It all leaves me wondering. If you don’t believe in a process, then it’s time to exit and exit now!  This guy will never be successful in sales as long as he himself can’t embrace the phone.

You’re wondering if I responded to him?  Yes, I did. I called him, as he did leave his phone number, and as I expected, he didn’t answer.  I also sent him a very nice email with some ideas and invited him to respond via email or phone.  What’s your prediction as to whether or not he responded?  The correct answer is no! I never heard from him again.  Go ahead… let’s all call this guy a loser!

If you are losing and want to validate why you’re losing by having others support you as a form of therapy, then you’re destined to keep losing.  Act like a loser and you will be a loser!  Act like a winner and you will be a winner. Winners associate with winners, winners push themselves, winners do not pass blame but rather accept blame, and winners take control of their actions.

There are people who I used to associate with but will have nothing to do with today, because they’re losers and they love being a loser. The people I associate with are winners. Those are the people with whom I want to spend my time.

Every day I work to improve myself. I’m never satisfied with my current position.  I know I have come nowhere near the level of potential I’m capable of and I won’t reach it unless I keep improving.  This means I never spend time validating why something didn’t work. I use it to learn and to help me find the next idea — the next solution.

Success does not begin with others. Success begins with you and what you believe. It’s one reason why I will encourage you to join me and other winners, my friends Anthony Iannarino, Jeb Blount and Mike Weinberg at OutBound next April in Atlanta.  I want you there and on our team, because I’m 100% confident you will improve yourself.   Here’s a code to save $100 at check out: Mark100

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If you’re saying to yourself, “I knew it! Mark wrote this article just to hustle me to buy a ticket to his event,”  then you’re a loser, because with that thought, you’re trying to validate your thinking as to how you have your act together already.  You see, those who are winners see this as another opportunity worth considering. Winners are always looking with their mind open. Losers think with a closed mind.

Rant over. Thank you for your patience.

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