Since your prospects don’t care about what you sell, why are you starting off your prospecting calls explaining what you sell? Read the memo — your customers don’t care! Do I need to start revoking your sales privileges to get you to understand?

Recently I had a call from a guy who wanted to sell me raw land. Wow, that’s just what I woke up this morning thinking. All morning I was sitting around waiting for someone to call to sell me raw land somewhere in western Nebraska. You can’t teach stupid. For some it just comes naturally, but that’s the only thing that comes out of bad prospecting phone calls.

It’s not about what we sell; it’s about the outcome we help customers achieve. Check out this video where I share the story of a person who thought they could get companies interested in yoga classes:

Your goal is to lead with a question or statement about what the prospect will see of interest to them, and I’ll remind you again — what is of interest to them is not what you sell!

Now you’re wondering, “How do I know what is of interest to people I call?” It’s simple. It starts with thinking of every other customer you’ve sold to and thinking through the outcomes they achieved. When you have a list of the outcomes your other customers have achieved, then you will begin to see a pattern as to the value of what you sell.

Second step is to take this list of outcomes you’ve helped customers achieve and begin bundling them together by the type of customer you sold to. Doing this will allow you to now begin to see patterns in how you help customers.

Breaking down into “customer buckets” will now allow you to see what is going to be of value to prospects you call. You’re now in the home stretch, as the last part is now building out questions or short statements you can make to help you make your prospecting calls engaging. That’s your goal with a prospecting call. It’s about creating engagement. It’s not about doing an information dump.

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