pricingA business consultant informed me they had reduced their rates substantially and the outcome from the reduction is they feel a lot better about the service they’re providing their clients.  

What I found interesting is the rates he had to start with were not high at all.

He claimed if his psychologist who has a graduate degree can only charge “x” per hour, then he certainly couldn’t be charging more.  He went on to say the more he thought about his rate compared to his psychologist, the more he felt he needed to reduce it.

Well, I’m glad he is seeing a psychologist, because it’s clear he needs to be seeing one.  Problem is he’s seeing the wrong one.

I can only wonder what he would be thinking if he were seeing a really high-priced one?   Oh, that’s right, he wouldn’t be willing to pay a high price to see one.

What it comes down to is this guy is suffering from two problems that, unfortunately, affect far too many salespeople and small businesses.  It’s a lack of self-esteem combined with what I refer to as “cheap thinking.” The two typically travel together.

This person is building his price around time spent rather than the outcomes his clients are going to receive.

He may believe this because he simply is not delivering anything of value and/or he is dealing with “cheap thinking” clients.

Do you see a pattern?  People who lack self-confidence and have a “cheap thinking” syndrome tend to hang out with others who have the same disease.

The price a person commands is going to be in direct proportion to their level of self-confidence, and the level of price they command is going to be a direct reflection of customers they attract.

Thinking you’re charging too much is simply not possible.  It starts with you and your perception and what you believe.

Change what you believe and you’ll change the prices you command.

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