Recently I attended a conference where suppliers and customers were both in attendance.

Following up after the conference with several of the customers, I was shocked at what they had to say about several suppliers who were there.  Their comments were negative and strong and ended with how they would never look to work with those suppliers if the need ever arose.

“What happened?” you ask.

I don’t know, but clearly there was something that triggered several customers to think that way. What’s amazing is I doubt the suppliers were aware of what they did that triggered the feeling.  Regardless of what it was, the damage is done.

After hearing these comments, it reminded me again of the importance of 24/7 Leadership.   24/7 Leadership is being the same person regardless of where you are, who you’re with or who you’re not with.  In the social media era we live in today, you can never say nobody is watching. You can never say no one will find out.   There are far more eyes and ears out there than ever before.

24/7 Leadership is genuine leadership, and when we follow that notion, we never have to worry about what might be said or how it might be interpreted.  The marketplace is crying out for 24/7 Leadership at every level.  Let’s make it our goal to not be “8-to-5” leaders or even 24/5 leaders. No, we need to be 24/7 leaders, and when we are, our impact will grow even stronger.

Sales is leadership and leadership is sales. You know I say this a lot. Maybe I should change the line to “24/7 sales is 24/7 leadership and 24/7 leadership is 24/7 sales.”


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