The perception customers have of you is a direct result of the level of confidence you have.

The perception customers have of you is a direct result of the level of perception you have.

The perception the customer develops about you becomes the foundation for the decision they’re going to make.  It’s only logical the higher the perception the customer has, the more willing they are going to be to buy from you.

Carry this one step further.

When the customer has a very positive perception about you and what you sell, they are going to be much more willing to pay full price and far less likely to be looking for a discount.

What this means is your confidence has a direct impact on the prices you get and the profit you make.

I need to address this next part to the sales managers who are reading this.  How often do you let your salespeople know you believe in them?  Is your role merely to tell them everything they’re doing wrong?

If that is what you’re doing, then there is no way you will ever have an organization that is anything close to excellent.

We all need to be exposed to positive reinforcement and it starts with you.  You need to minimally be expressing your confidence in them two times per week.  Anything less than that and you’ll be allowing your people to develop a negative perception.

For the salespeople reading this, building your confidence starts with you believeing in yourself.  One way to do this is by keeping a journal or a notepad where you list all of the positive things, comments and so forth that customers share with you.

Any time a customer shares something positive or you see something positive happen from what you’ve sold, make a note of it in your journal or pad.  Use the pad as a reference tool you refer to each time you’re about to start a sales call.

The sales you make and the profit you earn starts with the confidence you show.

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