It’s time for me to once again talk about the importance of you attitude.

Sales prospecting can be very difficult, but why make it any harder on yourself by having a bad attitude?

Too many salespeople fail to realize how much they’re destroying their sales prospecting results due to their attitude.

It starts by not letting stuff you can’t control to control you.  There will always be people who will reject your phone calls or make quick off-the-cuff statements about how they feel toward you.  The key is to not let these bother you.

The best example I can share with you is the late night hotel front-desk clerk.  This person is subject to receiving guests who may have encountered any number of difficulties in their travels getting to the hotel.   The clerk doesn’t know any of this and they certainly don’t have any control over them, yet the guest could still choose to treat the clerk with less than courteous behavior.

The guest isn’t necessarily doing it intentionally —  it’s merely the culmination of a difficult day.

Same thing goes for the response you may get to your phone call or email.  The prospect may simply be responding to you in a manner that reflects other things going on in their life at that moment.   Don’t let their actions impact your actions.   You’re better than that and certainly you have not had the same type of day they’ve had.

View each call you make, email you send or whatever communication you’re using as an opportunity to impact positively the person the message is intended for.  The ability you have to prospect is a privilege, because  you are creating opportunity to provide the prospect the same level of service or products you’ve provided to other customers.

Look for the positive, regardless of where it comes from. Use the positive as your springboard to pump your own attitude.

The more you pump your own attitude with what you see or hear going on around you, the more positive experiences you’ll find.  It comes down to one thing — momentum. I’m talking about the momentum of others either impacting positively or negatively your own attitude.

Choose today to embrace that your attitude drives your sales prospecting results.

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