I’m writing this from the Starbucks at the intersection of Westheimer Road and I-610 in the Galleria area of Houston.

If you’re not familiar with the area, Google it. It’s 24/7 busy due to the density of everything.

As I write this, I glance over and notice the line at the counter is 18 deep.  And the cars in the drive-through wrap around the building.

Got the picture?

People have one thing in mind…caffeine first and their agenda second.  No one is in this location looking to waste away an hour or two.   But here is where the “fakery” arises.

Every few minutes, the sound system begins playing the sound of chirping birds, outdoor sounds, etc.  To say the least, it’s lame. It’s 100% fake and there’s no mistaking it.

Listening to the fake chirping birds for the 15th time while I sit here working is driving me nuts.

It has me pondering why Starbucks or anyone else (myself included) ever attempt to fake things?

You say you don’t fake it.  Come on — it’s time to fess up and get real!  We have all faked it for one reason or another.

Now the question is, “Have we faked it on a sales call?”   Again, I’ll say we all have, and I will admit to doing it, too.

Here’s the rub… Just as I know the bird sounds in this Starbucks are fake and stupid, I wonder if customers I’ve attempted to fake have noticed it too?  Don’t answer. The truth stings hard!

Why do we fake it?

Simple:  It’s our desire to try and be something we’re not.  Why? I believe it’s for the simple reason that we are not comfortable with ourselves and our current state.   Again I ask, “Why?”

If we know sales is about demonstrating integrity, then faking it simply should not be part of the plan.

As I leave Starbucks and am on my way to be with a client for the day, I hear the chirping “birds” one more time and think of the fakery of the process.   My goal?  Kill the birds and be 100% authentic with my clients.

Oh, and as I leave, the line is up to 21 people.  Wonder how they feel about the fake birds?

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