Sell yourself by showing yourself.

In today’s economy customers want to know more than just what you can do, they want to see it. I feel this is critically important for several reasons.

One, it reassures the customer the money they’re about to spend is going to be spent properly.

Two, because customers have so many options, a salesperson has to do something that sets them apart and helps them break through the noise.

Three, because customers can easily put off making a buying decision, the salesperson can boosts the customer’s confidence by demonstrating to the customer what the salesperson offers.

In my role as a sales expert, I get emails and phone calls from numerous people asking for advice.  The questions I get asked cross a huge spectrum, but can be boiled down to a couple of key areas.

One area is in prospecting and finding good customers.

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Keith Petersen.

He began telling me about what he does.  The more we talked, the more it became logical that a key way for him to breakthrough to prospects is by delivering on what he does.

Keith creates carton caricatures of people.  His target market is businesses and others who want to provide more than the basic picture to someone as a point of recognition.   It’s a cool product and yes, Keith does it well.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is to spur some thinking in your own mind about what it is you might be able to provide your prospects to really showcase what it is you do.

Think of it as the ultimate in building confidence and separating you from your competition.

Some of you are thinking how expensive doing something like this could be.  Yes, it could be expensive depending on the business you’re in.

But you have to look at the total cost of customer acquisition, and that includes time. If you can shorten your sales process or increase your closing ratio by providing the customer with a sample of what you do, then it may wind up being a very inexpensive thing to do.

If you’re wondering about the picture on this blog, yes it is of me and yes it was done by Keith.

I use Keith as an example for you to think about your sales process.

I owe Keith a big thanks for the caricature he did of me.  I’ll suggest you check out Keith’s work and think of how neat it would be to say thanks to someone by providing them with a caricature, or as recognition of employee performance.

Thanks Keith! Love the job you do!

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