Your customer wants solutions to their needs and fulfillment of their wants. And they are willing to pay for those solutions.

I make it sound so easy, don’t I?

That’s not my intention.

If Sales was an easy profession, a lot more people would do it (and do it well).   But just because something isn’t easy, doesn’t mean it isn’t brimming with potential.

If you are not already the type of person who recognizes the potential opportunity, don’t worry.  You can be!

Back to this issue of knowing what your customer wants.  No matter the industry you are in, your product or service exists because it helps someone. Let’s start right there.  You do believe your product or service actually meets a legitimate need out there in the marketplace, right?


That being the case, then it’s a matter of matching what you offer with the customers who best fit what you offer.

By asking short questions – and effective follow-up questions – you can determine what your customer truly wants and needs.  The more skilled you become in this questioning – and in listening to what your customer says – the quicker you will get to closing the sale.

For all the lamenting some people do about how fast paced our world has become, a huge positive of this “fast paced”mindset is that customers and prospects do want quicker resolution to their pains and desires.

Here’s where the skilled salesperson can maximize profit.

Your customer wants someone (you!) to correctly hear what he or she is expressing – and then get down to business of offering a solution.

To better understand this, simply turn the tables and look at yourself when you are a customer.  I know that when I am a customer, I am indeed willing to pay to have a pain alleviated or a want fulfilled.

Think this doesn’t describe you?

Well, let me put it another way.  Let’s say you need something fixed in your house.  You decide to “save a little money” and go with lower quality materials or possibly a contractor who doesn’t have as long a list of references.

I’m all for bargain shopping when the outcome is not so consequential, but let’s say in the above scenario, your money-saving technique backfires and the repair ends up being anything but truly “repaired.”

The first thought in your mind?  It’s probably something along the lines of “I wish I would have paid a little more and I wouldn’t have this headache right now.”

Lesson learned.

The truth is that there are countless customers out there just like you.   What do those customers want?

They want solutions to their needs and fulfillment of their wants.  And they are willing to pay for those solutions.

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