positive thinkingRecently, I did a video sales meeting for a company I’ve been working with.

This particular client has sales meetings every Monday morning and it was great to participate.

The meeting started at 9 AM, and I was to go on about 9:15 AM to talk for 20 minutes.   Challenge was the client was in Europe and I’m in the United States, making my time 3:15 AM.

It would have been easy to say “no thanks” to the opportunity on the premise that doing a 3:15 AM video call seemed a little crazy.   Turning it down would certainly qualify as conventional thinking.

Instead, I said “yes!” The meeting went great, the content was well received and everything worked out smoothly.

Here’s what I learned: Don’t limit yourself in what you believe can be done.

When we allow ourselves to be guided only by conventional thinking, we hold back in achieving what is possible. I came away from the meeting pumped myself to have an amazingly productive day, despite having only had a couple of hours of sleep.

Bigger yet was the realization that I can do things I didn’t think and most others would not think are possible.   Conventional thinking does not have to dictate my life!

There has been a proposal sitting on my desk for months and I keep putting off getting to it, because I feel I don’t have the time to write another book.   Yes, that’s conventional thinking —  limit what you agree to do.

Conventional thinking would have been to not do the 3:15 AM sales meeting, but I did it anyway.

Ask yourself, “Where am I allowing conventional thinking to control what I do? What goals have I not begun pursuing because conventional thinking is telling me it can’t be done?”

Every one of us has the potential to achieve so much more than we ever realize. We just have to realize we can achieve what we set out to do.

Excuse me while I get going, as I have a book to write!

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