Yes, there is a punch line to this question.

Why do salespeople talk too much? Because as long as they’re talking, the customer can’t tell them “no.”

I hate to say it, but there is a lot more truth in that statement than a lot of people will want to admit.

This is also why the number one part left out of a sales presentation is the close.

Again, the reason I firmly believe this is the case is because the salesperson is afraid of rejection.

It’s too bad, but then again, maybe if the salesperson is afraid of rejection, it’s because their selling skills are so poor.

If the salesperson can’t uncover what it is the customer wants and can’t get them to share some of their needs, then yes, their selling skills are lacking and they deserve rejection.

Problem is the reason the salesperson doesn’t uncover the needs of the customer is because they don’t ask and don’t listen. It’s purely because they’re too busy talking and won’t shut-up and listen to the customer.

Are your presentations built around comments you share with customer or around questions you want to ask?

Be honest in answering this question.

I suspect the vast majority of salespeople will answer it’s the former.  Your presentations are built around comments you share with the customer. Why? Because the average salesperson believes for some strange reason that if all they do is walk the customer through an explanation of all of the features of what they are selling, then they’ll be able to close the sale.

Sorry, but that’s just not the case.

A very simple rule every salesperson needs to work from is this:  For every two statements you want to make regarding what it is you sell, you must also have at least one question you can ask the customer.

Try this approach and I guarantee you won’t be talking as much. The customer will be talking more, and best thing all, you’ll hear fewer “no’s” from the customer.

Don’t be the salesperson who talks too much.  You’re better than that.

Copyright 2012, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog. 




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