Why can’t I sell? When was the last time you asked yourself that question?

There is way too much turnover in the sales profession, and I think it stems from one thing — false expectations of what others can do for you.

The excuses run rampant, from “Marketing isn’t doing their job” to “I’ve never been trained” to “my boss is an idiot.” The list of excuses never ends.  It’s time to take ownership and realize the answer to the question “why can’t I sell” resides in you, not somebody else.

Only you can motivate yourself. Stop blaming your boss. Check out this 34-second video:

Quit blaming others and start taking control. Here are 10 things you can do now that will impact how you sell:

1. Accept 100% responsibility for your attitude. Nobody can change your attitude, only you can.  Similarly, nobody else, including your boss, can motivate you. That’s your job. Only you can motivate you.

2. Stop blaming your boss for what you believe he or she is doing wrong to you. Who cares! It’s what you do that matters, not what your boss does or doesn’t do.

3. Build a list of all the ways you’ve helped your customers. You’re much more effective as a salesperson then you realize you are. You’ve just chosen to focus on the negative. Focus instead on the positive things you’ve done.

4. Other people will only impact you negatively if you choose to let them. There’s a reason why negative people hang out with negative people.

5. Be 100% focused on how you help your customers and how they will benefit from buying from you, rather than the physical product or service you sell.

6. View life not from a mindset of scarcity, but rather from a mindset of abundance. When we look at life as having unlimited opportunities and an abundance of everything, it is amazing how many more opportunities we will see.

7. Realize you have the greatest customers any salesperson could ever ask for. If you view your customers as being great, it’s amazing how better your results will be. The mindset you take toward your customers will impact the relationship you have with them.

8. Start each day by being thankful and appreciative to have the opportunity to meet with others.

9. Focus first on helping others, including your prospects and customers. When you view your customers as being more important than making your sales quota, it will be amazing how much easier it is to make your sales quota.

10. Never allow yourself to have an “if/then” attitude. This is one where you believe every problem you’re having can be fixed by, “If I do this, then I’ll do that.”  The only thing this type of attitude can do for you is allow you to create cheap excuses and a tendency to place blame on others.

Sales is not a job. It’s not even a profession. It’s a lifestyle and it starts from within.

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