lead generationAh, the blame game.

It never ends, just like the merry-go-round that spins round and round.

The only thing that seems to change are the kids on the ride. Gee, sure sounds like a lot of Sales and Marketing Departments.

The question “who is to blame for bad leads” seems to get asked anytime there aren’t enough good leads in the system.

Problem is asking the question is plain stupid. It does nothing to solve anything. In fact, the mere fact somebody is asking or even thinking about the question only serves to make things worse.

It’s totally irrelevant who is to blame for bad leads. What is relevant is the quest to get good leads — or, hey one step more, GREAT leads!

Leads in a company should be looked at like water — everybody needs it and the only thing people expect is good clean water that is available whenever you need it.   To me that is exactly what leads are.

The job of securing leads belongs to EVERYONE in the organization, regardless of whether you’re in Sales, Marketing, Production, HR, Finance or any other department.   Generating leads must be part of everyone’s DNA.

When lead generation is part of the DNA of the company, it’s amazing what can and will happen. First of all, there are simply more leads, and bigger yet is the leads are better. Even better is the supply of good leads never dries up — just like you expect from water.

It’s time we stop playing the blame game. It’s time we stop pushing off onto others what everyone should be doing.

Lest you think I’m living in a fantasy land with regard to leads, I will say this. In the traditional company, Marketing must own the process of generating leads. Sales must own the process of developing the leads into customers and closing the sales.

The key is “own the process.” That does not mean anyone else is excused from generating leads.   Sales will always have excellent opportunities to find leads, in the same way Marketing working with Sales can help Sales close more sales.




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It’s time we stop the arguing and claim responsibility for owning the process and at the same time knowing each person’s job is to help identify new leads.

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