leads1. Your best leads are your existing customers.

Look for ways to help them even more. New leads are great, but don’t forget more business from an existing customer is as good as a lead.

2. Ask your current customers for referrals.

Your current customers know what you do well already, so it only makes sense they can help open other doors for you.

3. Contact all of your old customers who are no longer buying from you.

Many times, time simply gets in the way and things fall off the radar. Reach out and reconnect.

4. Contact all of your other prospects / customers who chose not to buy from you.

Just because they chose not to buy from you once doesn’t mean they won’t buy from you now.

5. Track down those people who have left customers you either are working with now or have worked with in the past.

They know you already, so you’re already over the first hurdle.

6. Develop relationships with other salespeople who sell to customers like yours.

I’m not saying to dance with your immediate competitor, but without a doubt there are salespeople who sell what you don’t, so it only makes sense to help each other out.

7. Reach out to other companies and salespeople you or your company buy from.

The more business you do, the more business you can do with them, so it only makes sense to help each other out.

8. Contact your customer’s customers.

It’s amazing what you’ll find out, all in the quest for gaining new insights. Not only will you find out how to serve your existing customers better, but they most likely will share insights regarding other people or companies you can contact.

9. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is as robust as it can be.

I call your LinkedIn profile as your 24/7 silent salesperson. I’ve gained significant business over the years from people looking at my profile. Don’t know what a robust profile looks like? Go look at people you admire and mirror them. For a starter feel free to check out my profile.

10. Check your attitude.

I’m always amazed at the number of leads we all walk past purely because our attitude is telling us there are no opportunities.   Change your outlook on life and you’ll change your output from life.




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