Are you keenly aware of who around you is draining the life right out of your sales motivation?

You need to be.

This is a much bigger issue than most people realize.  A key component of sales is the mental state of the salesperson.   More sales are made or lost based on the mental state — or should I say the motivational condition of the salesperson.

Today’s business environment is full of ups and downs.  If I were to write a list of things we would all say are wrong with the economy or the world in general, I’m sure we could easily fill a couple of pages.

As a salesperson, it’s your job to look past what’s wrong and focus on what’s good.  Our customers are not looking for salespeople to tell them how bad things are.  No, customers want to know how good things are.

What this means is as a salesperson, you need to remove from your mind anything that will negatively impact your sales motivation.  Below is a list of the top things I’ve found can and will hurt the motivational level of salespeople:

News (TV, radio, internet): Don’t dwell on it. Yes, I believe we need to be informed, but if the news is negative in your mind, don’t pay any attention to it.  In particular don’t pay attention to it as you’re gearing up to make sales calls.

Weak salespeople: You know who they are and I’m being kind when I say “weak.” I really should be saying “negative” salespeople.  These are the ones who are always complaining around the office or want to bend your ear on the telephone.  I hate to say it, but you have to forget about them. Do yourself a favor and ignore them.

Your morning routine: Start waking up 15 minutes earlier to give yourself a little extra time.   It’s amazing how negative we all can become when we find ourselves racing to get ready and trying to frantically navigate heavy traffic.  Studies have shown people who are more relaxed getting to work are more productive.

Talk radio: If you’re listening to talk radio in your car or office, chances are it’s going to be negative in nature.  If it is, turn it off. You don’t need it.  The subject being talked about may have nothing to do with anything of significance to you.  It may be funny to listen to, but if it’s negative in context, it’s going to undermine your attitude.

Unrealistic goals: I know we all have goals that can seem overwhelming and goals we have zero chance of achieving.  As hard as it is, you have to focus on goals you can achieve.  You may need to make up your own personal goals, but whatever you do, you have to focus your energy on achieving goals you can make.

Stop short-term thinking: When we’re not having success and we begin focusing our mind on short-term activities, it almost always drives us to an even lower state.    For most people, thinking longer-term is a great way to see the upside opportunities and in turn feel more positive.

Finally, don’t forget to look at yourself. Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine your level of sales motivation.  Everything listed above are merely outside factors. It’s how you allow them to impact you that determines your motivation.

The greatest asset you’ll ever have is you.

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Copyright 2011, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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