So much time is wasted with prospects who are nothing more than suspects.

The best way to overcome this is by having 4 to 5 sales prospecting questions that will help you separate quickly the good prospects from suspects.

Below is a list of sales prospecting questions to help you begin to develop your own list.

By no means is the list complete and by no means would every question work for everyone.  Your market, your customers, and your style will require you to make adjustments.

What is your timeframe for making a decision?

How have you made similar buying decisions like this in the past?

What is preventing you from making a decision today?

What do you like about what we have to offer?

How do you see this helping you?

What prompted you to think you have a problem?

Is there anyone else you need to talk to before making a decision?

Who else have you talked to?

How have you been dealing this issue up until now?

What do you know already about our company and what we sell?

Again, the questions listed are designed to help you build your list. It is essential to have questions you feel comfortable asking a prospect early in the sales process.

There’s no sense in wasting your time with a prospect who is merely faking they’re a prospect.

Too many salespeople spend too much time talking with what they think are prospects, when all they’re doing is collecting information to validate why they don’t want to buy from you.

Copyright 2011, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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