1. Your customers don’t want to hear a stupid capabilities presentation about how wonderful your company is and everything they can do.

Ditch the glossy brochure. You might as well, because if you don’t, your customer will as soon as you leave their office.  If they wanted to see that type of information, they’d go out on the web.

What they want to know is how you’re going to help them now.

2. Your customers don’t want to hear bad news about the economy or their industry.

Trust me — they know that already!  Would you really like to hear from somebody who only brings bad news?   Would you want to get on an airplane and overhear the flight crew talking about a recent plane crash?

3. Your customers don’t want to know how hard things have been for you.

Come on, do you think they care about your problems when they have problems of their own?   It’s amazing how many times customers share with me stories about how salespeople they meet complain about how tough their job is.

Whining to your customer about your problems is not going to help you get any sales.  It will, however, help open up time on your calendar, because the customer you whine to probably won’t ever allow you to see them again.

4. Your customers don’t want to know why you can’t do something they think is normal.

Your customers are having to do more than ever to satisfy their own customers, so it’s only natural they expect the same from you.   Come on, get real. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer.  Now, I’m not saying you must do the impossible, but it is time to truly see what you can do for the customer.

These are four things your customers don’t want to hear.

What other things do your customers not want to hear?  Please share so we can all learn from each other!

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