It’s way too easy to spend too much time trolling the web looking at various sites, picking up news information and the like.  In reality, we can easily waste too much time simply reading headlines and having information regurgitated to us.

The best news/business site I’ve found is  www.Bloomberg.com. I recommend it for several reasons. First, it is  a global site, so it is always updating the headlines. Second, it summarizes the headlines so well that I can check it quickly and be accurately informed.  I’m using this website as my primary source of news.   I check this site several  times a day, and no longer waste time checking several other sites like I used to.

It’s not necessarily important for you to use the site I’m recommending, but what I hope you do is make the best use of your time by getting your news from only one or two sites.  Don’t waste your time checking several, because more often than not, they contain the same or very similar information (just with different headlines).  Unfortunately, a lot of the news is negative, so you end up receiving a barrage of negative information all around the same couple of topics.

Protect your sales motivation.  Don’t waste your time immersing yourself in a lot of negative news from multiple sites.

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