Last weekend I was with 66 business people who each have their own business and are passionately focused on growing them.

For more than 8 hours on Saturday, we sat in small groups in conference rooms discussing business strategies and working through challenges.  At the end of the weekend, I was physically tired, but mentally stimulated.

The ideas we discussed were both large and small, but what I found interesting is how many of the items discussed had relevance to each person in one form or another.  What struck is how each idea was seen as a building block to be added to by another person.

As the discussions moved along, what began as a single idea was turned into a powerful business strategy.  It came down to the power of the group and the ability to share ideas.

The weekend left me realizing how much we depend on other people and the ability to gain from the insights of others.  It also left me thinking about sales and how our customers are a huge source of ideas and we can use them in the same way as peers with whom we discuss things.

Leadership is truly a team activity, and the more we engage our customers, our peers, and those outside our industry, the more we all benefit.

Who can you have as part of your “leadership team” to provide you with ideas and a place you can go to discuss ideas?  A goal I’m setting for myself is to broaden my circle of people I gain insight from, and I know as a result I’ll grow exponentially my leadership skills.


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