Is your sales pipeline moving fast or slow? We do a disservice to our customers when we fail to move them quickly from prospect to customer.

Problem you and too many other salespeople have is you can’t move prospects fast because your pipeline is stuck with people who can’t make a decision.

You’re better off when you have a sales funnel that is fast moving and doesn’t allow slow decision-makers to occupy your time. Yes, this is going to force you to look a lot closer at who is in your pipeline, but if you expect to move to the level of being a high performer, it means you make tough decisions early on.

Your objective is to look closely at each prospect you have and ask what you have to do differently to close them faster.

It starts with being able to ask tough questions earlier in the sales process than you’ve been willing to ask and eliminating the bad prospects who are really just suspects.

Here is a 65-second video from my presentation at OutBound Atlanta earlier this year where I talk about this issue:


Did you find “suspects” you need to remove? What is the tough discussion you need to have with your manager to get them to see the value of not having a plugged pipeline?   It’s not the size of your sales pipeline that counts; it’s the speed of your pipeline that counts.

I know this is an issue you and most other salespeople are dealing with and to help you, I’ve put together a coaching program you need to jump on. The beauty of the program is it’s all in real time. I’ll coach you on what is going on right now to help you increase your results right now.  Check it out today:

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High Profit Prospecting
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