Do you dread making prospecting calls?

Great salespeople have to practice good judgment for what they say, and how they listen. 

I have ten tips for you to improve your ability to complete calls like a pro by giving and getting the right information, and keeping your sanity while doing so.

Video – What Makes a Great Prospecting Call

1. Have the right attitude 

The prospecting call begins with the attitude you take into it.

If you don’t have a good attitude from the start, guess what? It’s not going to be a good call.

As I watched myself make prospecting calls, I realized that when I had a great attitude, it was amazing. A positive attitude says that something is going to happen. Something is going to work. 

Your attitude shapes your outcome.

2. Set the right expectations 

Well-set expectations should focus on simply earning the right and privilege to get to the next call.

Setting expectations such as: “I’m going to call and close the deal, and it’s going to be the biggest sale of my life,” aren’t the right mindset.

Right expectations are setting the table for what’s going to come next.

Read more about sales goals.

3. Be customer focused

News flash: The customer doesn’t care about you.

Consequently, you shouldn’t be the center of attention on this call. 

It’s about being customer focused and really letting them share their needs, wants, and problems.

On great prospecting calls, the prospect does the talking, not you.

4. No stupid questions

When you call somebody up and you say, “How’s your day going? How was your weekend? How’s the weather?” it comes off as phony. Asking questions just to ‘fill the air’ tells the prospect that this is a salesperson calling me, and that can be a turn-off.  

Ask questions that are relevant. You might start with: “Hey, I want to get your opinion on this,” or, “ I’d like to get some feedback on this. We’re seeing this happening with a lot of companies. Are you seeing that?”  

Establish the purpose of your call from the beginning.

Watch this video for more about how to craft your opening message on a prospecting call.

5. Gain one insight 

A great prospecting call is where I have gained one insight.

Of course, I’d love to gain more. I’d love to gain everything. But, if I can listen for one important observation, or expand my understanding of their needs, that gives me information to build on, and run with.

Even just one insight gives me material to use the next time I follow up. 

6. Have a clear CTA, Call to Action 

I’m very straightforward as to what next step I want to offer to my prospect .

The next step might be, “Hey, I just want to get time on your calendar for tomorrow, because I know I’m interrupting you right now. What does your calendar look like tomorrow at 10:00 AM?”

I’m open about what I want, and how it involves them. I’ve even included a specific date and time.

A clear CTA is not, “Well, I’ll send you some information. Take a look at it. Let me know when I can help you.” That’s a blow off, and serves neither of us.

A clear CTA involves the two of you.

7. Take notes

When I’m actively taking notes on a prospecting call, I am more engaged. In fact, it’s proven to help you listen better.

Additionally, it prevents us from forgetting key details, or losing information. You don’t want to be thinking, “What was that one key insight they shared?” after the call.

Take notes the whole way through, and you won’t miss it.


8. Create interest 

If I don’t create interest, why should they engage with me again?

If my CTA is, “Hey, let’s get back together tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM,” then I’ve got to create clear interest in the value of the upcoming call.

  • What’s the reason for the call?
  • Why and how am I going to help you? 

Certainly, I’m not giving my prospect the solution. I could create interest and intrigue by saying, “Hey, I’m going to be sharing with you some ideas and strategies that I’ve used with other companies that have been very successful.”

That peaks their interest, and gives them a clear explanation of why and how I can help them.


9. Follow up

I never end a prospecting call without knowing how I am going to follow up.

My next step might be to immediately send a follow-up email, send them a message, or connect with them on social media.

Undoubtedly, I always have a follow-up play regardless of the CTA they have agreed to.

For more tips about follow-up, watch Mark here.

10. Repeat 

Truly, a great prospecting call doesn’t just happen once, but rather time and time again.

If I had a great prospecting call, I’m not going to stop there. I can recreate the process, and seek success once again.

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