How many times do we get caught up in something very short-term, so much so that it begins to shape our thinking long-term?

 Recently, I was stuck in a major rainstorm in Dallas. I pulled into a parking lot at a Barnes and Noble. Yeah, I’m addicted to bookstores. I get it. Maybe you are, too. 

It was getting rather dark outside and it started to drizzle. 

I went inside, and was perusing the aisles no more than a couple minutes when the skies opened up and the rain came down hard.


Stuck Inside, or So We Thought

Suddenly, no one was leaving the store. Not a single person. People were just lined up at the door, waiting. 

And as the rain began to stop, I looked outside and the parking lot had become a giant puddle. I mean as in, put your waders on, folks.

Of course, people began commenting, “Oh man, I can’t deal with this,” or “this is such an inconvenience because…”  And I thought, “Hold it,  just wait a couple minutes.” 

No Storm Can Last Forever

Not five minutes later, I made it to my car no problem as the sky began to clear. 

In reality, that pop-up storm was a short-term problem, but people were allowing it to become a long-term problem. How many times do we allow ourselves to be consumed by something in the moment today, and it keeps us from focusing on the future? 

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Focusing on Long-Term Success

I always say, “Life is playing the long game.” We all lose plenty of short-term battles. This rain storm may have kept people from their cars for a couple minutes. But you know what? It was okay. It passed. Not only that, but really we needed the rain. 

Don’t let short-term thinking, or temporary problems, cloud your long-term success. 


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