What are you allowing yourself to focus on? What we focus on becomes what we believe and who we become. It is so easy to focus on the negative, when everything we see on the internet is negative and everything in the news is negative.  It is so easy to focus on the negative because we’re continually exposed to negativity. No wonder after seeing so much negativity, we think everything is negative.  

Video – Are You Focused on the Positive or the Negative: 

If you want to focus on the positive, it’s starts with not being concerned with the negative.  What does it take to shift your perspective?  It starts with what you choose to focus on, because that quickly becomes your mindset. Let me give you an example to help understand how this works. Remember when you bought a red car? You bought a red car and said, “This is great. This is really going to stand out.” Then suddenly, you look around and it seems like everybody has a red car and you go, “Oh, wow. I didn’t realize everybody had a red car.” You think that because you became focused on the red car. You become who or what you focus on.  

I want you to start focusing on the positive. You don’t have time to be negative. If you focus on the positive, it’s amazing how much more positive you will see. The world is awash in negativity; that’s what the media is all about.   

The media is all about negativity because that’s what gets eyeballs; however, the problem is that it sucks the life out of you. You don’t have time for that and neither do your peers, neither do your customers, neither do those around you. Focus on the positive and you won’t see a red car. No. You’ll just see opportunities, and that’s what I want you to see. There are customers out there who need to hear from you, customer who need your help; they need your solution.  You can’t begin to help them if you’re in a negative state; it all begins with having a positive approach and view.  

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