What are the apps and tools that you’ve got in your life? 

Imagine this: I just pulled into a parking lot, and I had to back up a little bit. Of course, I have a back-up camera. In fact, I’ve got the self-driving features on my car also.

I think of all the things that are available on this car, even things like the rear window defroster, the side mirrors, and all the alarms and alerts. What are they designed to do? 

They’re designed to really help us be more efficient. And that’s great. I have no qualms with that. But does it remove our own cognitive process? 

More Technology, Less Thinking

This has really gotten me thinking. Because I stop and ask myself, “Am I a better driver because of it? Or am I a worse driver?” 

Let’s visit another example. I love being able to access my online bank accounts and finances, and check things on my phone wherever I am. It allows me to make decisions faster. It really saves me a tremendous amount of time. 

However, does it make me wiser? Yes, I believe it does, because it gives me more knowledge and information. On the other hand, does it keep me from doing deeper research?  Yes, it probably does.

Who Is Really Making My Decisions?

All the tools we have, they’re all great. But we have to stop and ask ourselves,
Is it taking us out of the equation?


You see, at the end of the day, I am still the master of my fate. I am responsible for my choices. I have to make the decision as to whether or not I pull the plug, or if I move forward with something.

Perhaps I could take my financial  investments and automate them all. However, is that the right thing? Could we, in reality, just become a victim of our apps? 

I feel this is worth contemplating because I want to make sure that my mind is always in the game. My mind must be an integral part in helping make my decisions. 

Smart devices are great because they take some of the guesswork out of everyday life. However, that doesn’t mean that I have to cease thinking, challenging myself, and being self-sufficient. 


Take care.


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