customer interactionWhenever I speak to a group, whether it be a keynote or a training session, one topic I tend to mention is how our goal as salespeople is to impact people positively.

When talking about this, I say it goes far beyond what you’re selling and is critical regardless of whether or not you close a sale.

We all impact people everyday.

Just stop and think about all of the people you come in contact with each day.  Your interaction with them is impacting them just as they are impacting you.

Have you ever asked yourself what you think your customer is thinking after you leave?

I’m not saying this to encourage us to become paranoid of egotistical.  No, I’m asking this because our goal, regardless of whether or not we’re in sales, is to be a positive influence on those we meet.

Think about your role as a positive influence. In fact, think about it deeply and you will begin to view what you do in a different perspective.

When I share this with salespeople, I’m amazed at the comments I get.  It might be a keynote to hundreds or a training session to 20, and I will always have someone approach me afterwards saying how that single idea changed their perspective.

To me it’s about viewing ourselves as first a leader, teacher and servant. You can change the order around as you see fit, but it comes down to impacting people.

When we view ourselves in that manner, I believe 100% we become a better salesperson. Reason I believe this is because it changes how we view the person we’re talking to and it starts with a phrase I use — “Empowered listening.”   This phrase means we are listening with deep intent to learn and discern what the person is saying.

What is the impact we’re leaving on those we meet?

What are they saying about us?  My goal — and I encourage it to be everyone’s goal — is to positively impact each and every person with whom we come in contact.

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