SPS — Sales Prevention Syndrome — is the great killer of salespeople.

It’s a stealth disease that lies in a dormant state in too many salespeople’s minds.   It may not exist in you, but it may very well exist in your friends.

For your protection and the protection of those you like, you must know the symptoms.

Do you or your friend ever suffer any of the following conditions:

  • A hesitation to answer the phone when a customer is calling.
  • Hesitation to call customers and especially to call prospects.
  • Every time you meet with your boss, you say something like, “If only we had ____, then I would be able to sell a lot more.”
  • A desire to spend too much time preparing to make sales calls as an excuse to not actually have to call.
  • An uneasiness about asking for the order out of fear the customer may turn you down.
  • Are you fast to offer the customer a discount the second you sense a hesitation on their part to buy?
  • Are you quick to tell Marketing you lose too many sales because the sales materials aren’t any good?
  • A strong desire to do paperwork to keep the office and your boss happy as a way to cover up for not spending more time selling.
  • A pit in the stomach on Sunday nights knowing Monday is coming and you will have to go back to work.
  • Are you always critical of what you sell, claiming it doesn’t meet the needs of what the customer is looking for?
  • Do you feel the market is just not right and that must be the reason customers aren’t buying from you?
  • You blame your lack of success on your territory and how you would be more successful if you had a better territory.
  • The competition is simply undercutting you on price, and until something changes, there is nothing you can do.
  • You think all customers are stupid.
  • You think your sales manager is stupid.
  • You think your company is stupid.

Well how did you and/or your friend do?

Any responses jump out at you?

Unfortunately, “Sales Prevention Syndrome” exists in the minds of too many salespeople.

Hopefully, by looking honestly and closely at the above symptoms,  you’ll be able to spot any early growth spots of SPS and you’ll be able to get professional help to ensure the condition does not spread.

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