Top50_750_03I was recently recognized as one of the top 50 sales & marketing influencers for 2014.

The list is compiled by a leading global sales authority, Top Sales World.

Top Sales World is based out of Europe and the United States.  It’s an honor to be on the list!

You can see the entire list at this link.

As I was reviewing the other people on the list, I was struck by the number of them I know and would refer to as a good friend.  The more I read through the list, the more I realized how I am not surprised who is on the list.

After all, you become who you associate with.

Each of the people on the list is a true sales leader — influential people who are engaged in the profession.  Gee, it’s the same for me!

And then it hit me again… Each time I have a conversation with one of these people, I come away better off.  Hopefully they do as well! Considering how frequently we talk, I am confident  there is a lot of mutual improvement going around!

My reason for stating all of this is to emphasize the importance of paying close attention to who you decide to associate with.  For me, a key goal professionally is to help shape the sales world with my insights on sales leadership.  To do this, I need to be around other leaders with whom I can exchange ideas.

Collectively, we strengthen each other.

What are your goals?

Are the people you associate with helping you to achieve them or are they hindering you?

I find too many salespeople lack the engagement they need with strong peers from whom they can learn.

Your goal is to create the peer network you need to help you, and as you’re doing that, you’ll find you’re helping them too.

You truly do become who you associate with.

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