graduationSure, these are tips for graduating seniors.  Honestly, though, I think they are tips for the rest of us as well.

Here goes…

1. You will become whom you choose to associate with.

The best way to be successful is to spend time with successful people.  If you wanted to play football, you wouldn’t hang out with people who only wanted to play baseball.  Stating it even more bluntly – Losers hang out with losers, and winners hang out with winners.

2. Nobody will care about your needs as much as you do.

The comfort of school is now a thing of the past.  Life is hard, and to think there is always going to be somebody to care for you and to help you is ridiculous.  The sooner you realize you create your own level of security, the better off you will be.

3. Life doesn’t come with a reset button.

Life is not a video game where if you don’t like what’s happening, you can push a reset button and completely start over.  Yes, we all have to occasionally begin again and move forward, but in the real world, pushing the reset button doesn’t wipe the slate completely clean.

4. Just as financial savings compound, so too do your work and life experiences.

Early in your career, it’s essential to gain experiences and knowledge that you can build upon later in your career.

5. Be bold and take risks by thinking long-term.

Too many people underestimate what they are capable of doing because they take a short-term view on things.   People are quick to dismiss a great long-term opportunity because of the problems they may encounter short-term.   Even worse is when a person forgoes opportunities that require them to move from the safety of the town where they grew up or went to school.   Nothing will stunt long-term potential more than being scared to take on new experiences.

6. It’s not about you. It’s about everyone else.

You build a network of relationships and business connections by demonstrating sincere interest in others.

7. Never compromise your integrity.

Life is full of challenges, and at every corner there will be chances to compromise your standards.   Many times the compromises will seem minor and insignificant, but the long-term impact can be fatal in so many ways.

The more you stand strong on your integrity in little things and big things, the easier it will be to maintain that integrity.

There you have it!  7 tips I believe every graduating senior needs to know.

One last bonus tip is this: Be teachable.

Some people may say that tips like these fall on deaf ears, because young people simply need to go out and learn everything on their own.

I believe, though, there is validity in both – the wisdom of those who inspire you, as well as the wisdom that comes from the path you embrace.

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