The Power of Saying “Thank You”

We live in a society that is not thankful enough for everything we have.

We especially don’t take the time often enough to say thanks to people who are making a difference.

Saying thanks to someone is a beautiful way to develop a relationship with someone you don’t know.   However, the thank you must be serious and genuine.

Two to three years ago while walking through a restaurant, I saw a gentleman who I immediately recognized as being a person who has done a significant amount of work making the city I live in a better place.  The gentleman didn’t know me, as we had never met before.  That didn’t stop me from stopping by his table and merely telling him thanks for what he’s done.

I didn’t even intend to offer my name, but he immediately asked me my name, which of course I gave him.  After about 20 seconds of conversation, we were done and I moved on.  With that conversation, I admit I felt good — but I certainly didn’t expect anything to come of it.

Fast forward to today.

That very chance meeting years ago has resulted in me getting to know many of the people he works with quite well.  The result is I’ve received new business today and indications of a lot of additional business in the years to come.

Now, did I first tell him thanks with the intent to get business?  No. I did it because it out of the respect and appreciation I have for him.

When was the last time you thanked somebody?

I’m not saying this should become a standard sales prospecting practice. What I am saying is it’s amazing how and where new leads and opportunities can and will develop if you’re ready.

Each day, approach your job with the desire to thank somebody. Doing so will not only put you in a better mood, but will also help open new doors for you — if not immediately, definitely over a long period of time.

The power of saying thank you — never underestimate it.

Copyright 2012, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Saying “Thank You””

  1. Saying ” Thank You ” is as important as saying ” PLease ” . I was taught that these are the most important and under used terms in sales and sadly in life. Always be appreciative even if you do not make the sale. Burning a bridge is NOT the way to garner future opportunities.

    Always try to be a gentlemen, because being a jerk is so much easier and remembered . Respect others as you would want them to respect you.

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