Each morning, I have the honor and privilege to engage with others. Today, like every other day I will encounter people who expect to hear from me; however, many others may not respond, answer my call or even be interested in what I have to offer.

I never view what I do as a job. I don’t even view it as a profession. To me, sales is a gift that is more like a lifestyle. It is a privilege. Each and every day, I live for the opportunity to engage in conversation with another customer or prospect.

There will be people who appreciate how I have helped them and of course many more who don’t even understand. Regardless of how someone may treat me, I never take it personally. I always continue to believe in what I do.

Each day is full of exciting, new experiences and opportunities that I savor as if it’s the greatest experience and opportunity I will ever get to have. At the end of each day, I always look back with gratitude for the people I’ve talked to regardless of how our conversation went.

Sales is like nothing else. There might be some who look down on salespeople. I, on other hand, am proud of what I do and look highly of others who feel the same way towards sales.

The challenges I face are only temporary. I view them as opportunities that help move me towards even more success. I’m proud of what I do, but humble in how I serve, because I know my success is based on the success of those I serve. As great as my success has been in the past, it is meaningless. Only what I do today or in the days to come matters.

I am thankful this is what I’ve been called to do and my prayer is that I am able to continuing doing it for years to come. I know there are many still to be served. Sales is about having influence and impact. That is my primary goal with each person I meet every single day.

The gift of sales is something I’m thankful to have received. I hope you too enjoy your gift of sales.

As we near the end of the year I can’t help but feel thankful for you. I count it an honor that you’ve chosen to take a few minutes to read my emails and blog posts. You’ve given me a gift by placing your trust in me and I hope you value my gift to you.

This time of year I often think about the ultimate gift that was given to all of us: the birth of Jesus. That is what we celebrate, because He is the gift of hope and life! May you take time this year to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. For me, my faith is at the core of what I do and that makes my communication with all of you each week that much more important.

Wishing you the best and may we never forget the “reason for the season”!


Mark Hunter, CSP

“The Sales Hunter”


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