As 2012 comes to an end, it’s time to assess who or what is responsible for your success or lack of success.

Your success is due to you and it’s time to take responsibility for it — and to quit trying to say the reason for a lack of success is due to what you are selling.

Recently Zig Ziglar passed away and I can’t help but remember how much he used to talk about this.   He was a firm believer that it’s your attitude that will determine your success.

When we complain about how we aren’t able to close more sales due to a lack of new products or pricing that is too high, the only thing we’re doing is making an excuse.

Excuses might work when you’re a kid growing up, but sorry, as adults making a living selling, spending time making excuses isn’t going to help close any more sales.   If we are going to be successful, we have to first look at ourselves.

2012 is quickly coming to a close and yes, we need to keep pushing as hard as we can to close as many sales this year as possible. It’s also time to assess what are some of the things we need to change to increase our level of success in 2013.

First thing to look at is yourself and your own attitude.

If you don’t believe 110% in yourself and the manner in which you can help customers, then how do you expect customers to believe in you?  It starts with you, not with what you sell.

Who do you associate with?  Are you associating with negative people?

I’ve talked a lot about this before, but it’s important to mention again.  Far too many salespeople start their day hanging out in the office comparing notes with other salespeople. The problem is the “notes” they’re sharing wind up being nothing but a series of complaints.

The list could go on and on, but you know where I’m going.  It’s you. It’s not what you sell.

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