How fast is your sales pipeline?

Is it plugged up with leads and prospects that shouldn’t be in there?

We all know the value of having a full pipeline, but if what is in the pipeline isn’t moving, then we have to ask ourselves if it’s worth it.

We will close more sales when we are able to spend more time with better prospects. To do that means we have to quit spending time with prospects that aren’t going anywhere.

Segmenting the prospects in our sales funnel ensure we’re using our time effectively.

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If we are serious about closing sales faster, then we have to be far more focused early in our discussions with leads. The tendency salespeople have is to do everything possible to keep the lead in their pipeline. This might not be the wisest approach.

What I want you to focus on is doing everything possible to get them out of your pipeline.

To do this we have to take our line of questioning to the next level. Merely trying to establish rapport and a time to meet again is not good enough. We have to push to validate the real value of the prospect and specifically the timing as to when they will make a decision.

We all know asking too tough a question or a question deemed as too personal early on can result in the lead / prospect rejecting you immediately.

The solution lies in asking a question relative to something going on in the industry or with a competitor. Your objective is to get them thinking about an issue and sharing their opinion.   The next step is to then ask a question that links the issue being discussed back to the prospect’s company.

Key is not asking as a direct question, but more as a hypothetical one to gain more discussion. Final piece is to take the prospect’s answer to your second question and now go direct.

What the process has done is allow the prospect to become comfortable with each question before proceeding.   The result of the process is you’re now able to know much better as to what the potential is with the prospect.

We will never be in a position to close deals faster if we aren’t willing to accelerate our questioning earlier in the prospecting process. Our challenge should be to spend more time with fewer prospects.

This isn’t to say I’m looking to have a smaller pipeline. No! I’m looking for a faster pipeline.

The fast pipeline is one where I can move a prospect through to becoming a customer rapidly, because I am able to devote more time to the prospect. I’m able to devote more time, because my time isn’t being taken up by prospects who aren’t gong anywhere.

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