A few months back, I had a specific problem in my business and I needed help. I began searching on the Internet and talking to others I knew about who might be the right person to hire.

Over the course of a few days, I visited a number of websites and downloaded information from several of them.

What I found interesting is not one of companies I visited reached out to me. Here I was doing research on the Internet, clearly leaving them breadcrumbs that I had a need, yet none of them reached out.

In the end I got my problem solved via a referral from a peer.  How many times have you been in this same situation? I’m sure you have and now let’s flip it around and ask ourselves how many visitors do we have to our website with whom we fail to follow up?

When people have a problem, they need it fixed now — not in a few months. Speed sells, and yet as salespeople, we fail to respond.

This issue of speed and timely follow-up is especially critical if the person has shown interest more than once in a short period of time.

How good are you in understanding who these multiple-visit people are?

How good are you in reaching out to them in a timely manner?

I’ll contend when I was having my problem, if any one of the companies whose site I visited had reached out to me, I most likely would have engaged their services on the spot.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is for the past year I’ve been able to watch the folks at SalesWingsApp.com help salespeople with this problem. In my own company, we’ve been using it and the results in helping us identify the truly hot leads quickly has been amazing.

I rarely do this, but I’m suggesting you check them out. Visit the website, grab the product and see for yourself how speed sells. You will sell even faster when you have a hot lead.

To make it easy, use this link.

Full disclosure: Yes, I’m in partnership with SalesWings, but I only did it because I believe so much in how it can help you.

Again, here is where you can get more information: SalesWings.

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