Whenever I’m asked this question, I love watching the shock on the person’s face when I tell them my answer. My answer is simple — nobody can motivate anybody! Whoa! What did I just say? You read it right. Nobody can motivate anybody.

The best we can do is create an environment for others to motivate themselves. It’s no different than the old expression that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.  People won’t be motivated until they first allow themselves to be motivated. This is why I stress that it’s our job to create an environment for people to motivate themselves.

Without a doubt, the most important element is by creating an environment that focuses on the positive. Nobody wants to work in a negative environment. With rare exception, the only outcome of a negative environment is more negativity.  If we want people to be positive, we have to create a positive environment.

Check out this 72-second video, where I talk about the role you play as a leader:


It’s not our job to force motivation on anyone. I think I’d have more luck pushing water uphill than I would trying to force motivation. You see, motivation is like water flowing downhill. It will flow naturally and will always see the easiest path.

Motivation is no different when we create an environment where people can motivate themselves. It’s amazing the results that will occur. This doesn’t negate the need we play as leaders to reinforce, support and lead, but in the end, all we’re doing is building on the actions of other motivated people.

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