Professional buyers are just that because they know how to negotiate.

Below are six common techniques buyers use when they are looking to take advantage of a salesperson.

Buyers will…

1. Keep arguing about the price being too high, even if it isn’t.

2. Always say they have another supplier who can take care of them a lot better.

3. Make comments about how every supplier is being told they need to cut their prices by another 3 percent.

4. State how they have plenty of options to buy on the “grey market” at a much better price.

5. Demand the largest volume discount price on all orders, regardless of size.

6. Not say anything at all, knowing that if they stay silent, the salesperson will sweeten the deal.

If you are a salesperson who has to work closely with buyers, the key when you hear one of these is to first not become flustered.  If you become anxious and flustered, you will play even more into the hands of the buyer.  If you do, the buyer knows it and will work you over even more.

Stay calm and resolute in your offer.

Professional buyers will back off if they see you’re not moving.  Their objective isn’t to take advantage of you, even if it does feel that way at the time. Their objective is to help reduce the cost of buying for their company.

I’m not sharing these out of disrespect to professional buyers.  The entire reason buyers can say any of these at all is because they’ve seen salespeople rollover and give in.

Remember the professional buyer is only doing their job.  Your job is to be the professional salesperson and sell to the customer’s needs and outcomes, be confident in your job and price, and protect your profit.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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