How would you do if you had to sell to Donald Trump?

What would you do differently in a meeting with him than you would do with some other customer?

I would say if you were scheduled to present to Donald Trump, you would spend more time than normal preparing.  You might even be a salesperson who would spend an extensive amount of time preparing.

Why would you spend more time preparing for him than you would for any other customer?

The reason is because it’s Donald Trump, that’s why.  In the back of your mind, you would have all of the images and perceptions you have heard regarding Donald Trump.  Without much prompting, your mind would start racing to create thoughts and ideas as to how he might treat you and what he might say.

Some of you would see the opportunity to sell to Donald Trump truly as a great sales opportunity, and others would approach it terrified, for fear of being served up as road-kill by The Donald.   Whatever perception you form before going into the meeting will ultimately drive your attitude, confidence and sales motivation.

Donald is not unlike you. He has to get dressed everyday. He needs food and drink to survive, and he uses the restroom just like everyone else.  Simply put, put the grandiose image aside and he is just like everyone else.

When we allow our mind to develop perceptions and, in particular, negative perceptions, we are resigning ourselves to defeat even before the battle.

Yes we should go into a meeting with Donald prepared, but we should go into the meeting with the belief we will succeed in achieving our goals.  Each presentation we make, regardless of who it might be to, is an opportunity for us demonstrate to the other person who we are and why we are successful.

If you think about that for a moment, that is no different than how somebody like Donald Trump feels going into a meeting too.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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